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It is NOT a Sharing Economy

Oliver Blanchard wrote a great article about how the term “Sharing Economy” is incorrect. Here is an excerpt as it pertains to Uber sytle ride sharing,

Let me make something really clear: that whole “ride-sharing” thing? It isn’t ride-sharing at all. You aren’t sharing. You’re renting. You’re renting out the back seat of your car. You’re renting yourself as a driver. You’re renting your spare bedroom for the night. You’re renting your flat while you’re on vacation. There’s no sharing anywhere near the so-called “sharing economy.”

The same dynamics apply to AirBnB style room rentals.

Holiday Rentals Search Engines

hometogoA new player has come to the seen with a metadata search engine for the holiday rental industry. They are a Berlin based start-up called, and they just raised €6 million in Series A funding from DN capital and Acton Capital Partners, which is in addition to the €2 million previously raised from various angel investors.

HomeToGo claims to be the biggest metasearch engine for holiday rentals, aggregating from over 150 rental websites and listing more than 2.7 million vacation rental units. But they have existing completion from with 2.5 million units, with 1.8m units, and with 416,000 units.