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It is NOT a Sharing Economy

Oliver Blanchard wrote a great article about how the term “Sharing Economy” is incorrect. Here is an excerpt as it pertains to Uber sytle ride sharing,

Let me make something really clear: that whole “ride-sharing” thing? It isn’t ride-sharing at all. You aren’t sharing. You’re renting. You’re renting out the back seat of your car. You’re renting yourself as a driver. You’re renting your spare bedroom for the night. You’re renting your flat while you’re on vacation. There’s no sharing anywhere near the so-called “sharing economy.”

The same dynamics apply to AirBnB style room rentals.

Vacation Rental Founder’s Net Worth

Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb is valued to be worth $3,300,000,000 according to Wikipedia. Joe Gebbia, the other co-founder is estimated to be worth $1,900,000,000. Airbnb was founded in late 2007.

Brian H. Sharples, founder of HomeAway and VRBO doesn’t have a billion dollar net worth, its more in the $30,000,000 range, but he does pull down a cool $6,000,000 a year in salary and bonus’s by some estimates, was founded in February 2005.

Jeffrey Hock, CEO of, the leading free vacation rental platform founded in 2004, congratulates the late-coming vacation rental platform founders for their success.

That said, since Free-Rentals is not a publically traded company, Mr. Jeffrey Hock is under no obligation to disclose his net worth.

Yet, one brave investigative journalist managed to obtain a photograph Mr. Hock’s walk-in-closet while lost in the South wing of his mansion looking for a bathroom. This picture is the only known indication of the Free-Rentals founders net worth. Godspeed Mr. Hock.


Link To Your Personal Vacation Rental Website is against the notion of walled gardens, keeping vacation rental listings locked up in a dungeon and tightly holding the keys to exploit the resulting bottleneck that exists between rental owners seeking guests and guests seeking rental units. is a site built and managed by vacation rental owners for vacation rental owners. We believe in the sharing economy, we believe in providing value to both vacation rental owners as well as guests seeking a holiday rental, rather than exploiting both parties.

Therefore, all listings on will be able to post a link to their own personal website that showcases their vacation rental unit or complex. We not only help market and promote your vacation rental, but also your website.

Free doesn’t just mean no money involved, it also means…. Free.


Post a Video Of Your Vacation Rental is pleased to announce we have added the ability for vacation rental owners to post videos of their holiday rental into their listing page at free-rentals. All for free of course. Here is a sample of a video from one of our happy members based in Siesta Key Florida, their private website is

Video and Link to website posted with permission of owner.