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Short Term Rentals Just Got Real

A recent San Francisco law scheduled to go into effect August 1st 2016 requires Airbnb to verify that its hosts have registered with the city before Airbnb is allowed to show ads for their homes online. Airbnb is now suing the city of San Francisco to try and stop this law from going into effect.

Airbnb and tech groups argue the new law violates the Communications Decency Act.

“This legislation ignores the reality that the system is not working and this new approach will harm thousands of everyday San Francisco residents who depend on Airbnb. It also violates federal law,” Airbnb said in a blog post announcing the suit. “This is an unprecedented step for Airbnb, and one we do not take lightly, but we believe it’s the best way to protect our community of hosts and guests.”

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Full story at Techcrunch.

Did Airbnb Plagiarize?

Shortly before the 2008 presidential election, Airbnb had a brilliant marketing campaign, pitting ficticious breakfast cereal “Obama O’s” against “Capt’n Mcains”, which they then turned into real cereals, at least for a limited time.

It seemed they lost the plot and gone completely sideways… breakfast cereals? Really?

But it was a phenomenally successful campaign, and we believe, it gave a great boost to their business in the early years and put them on the map.

However, while we may be 8 years late in reporting this… the jingle used for the Obama O’s cereal sure sounds awfully familiar, a bit too familiar.